Acrylic Coaster/Colorful Rebellion -Micro Cosmos-


Sebastian Masuda ART

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Sebastian Masuda’s famous circular wood panel displays has been transformed to a coaster that anyone can take home! An image of the artwork has been directly displayed as an acrylic coaster that adds a splash of color to your home. There are 6 different designs; choose what suits your home best!

Colorful Rebellion -Micro Cosmos-
This work shows a collection of various plastic items and different toys of preexisting colors of the world and combine them all to create a new color. These new colors create a brand new universe special to each individual. The world is scattered with vivid and brilliant things, and this work aims to appeal to adults who secretly embrace their colorful and childlike wonder that still lives inside them.

Material ; Acrylic

Pink...Micro Cosmos- Tattoo Pink & Me
White...Micro Cosmos- Melrose Cream & Me
Yellow...Micro Cosmos- Circus Yellow & Me
Green...Micro Cosmos- Bolivian Lime & Me
Purple...Micro Cosmos- People Purple & Me
Blue...Micro Cosmos- Chubby Blue & Me