DOKI DOKI Earrings/Pastel



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Dimensions(approx.): 7.5cm x 2.5 cm
Materials: alloy, acrylic

Swinging earring with DOKI DOKI pop logo!

Pastel has aurora mirror-silver color as the base, with mixing lavender, pink, and mint green etc.
The color is asymmetric so you could choose the color that matches your mood and wear only 1side as well!

Either coordinating with simple tops and making the necklace stand out, or emphasize a colorful mood together with a colorful top like primal pop should be stunning too!

We have 2types - pierced earrings, as well as clip-on earrings.





シンプルなコーデに合わせてアクセを目立たせても良いし、Primal Pop柄みたいなカラフルなアイテムに合わせてさらにカラフルな気分を強調するのもおススメです。

ピアスに加えて、リクエストの多かったイヤリングタイプ(Clip-on earrings)もご用意しました。

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