Time After Time Capsule -Bear- #Day Dream Mascot Keychain Charm


Sebastian Masuda Art

Available Now!

Size: 14 cm | 5.5"

Material: Polyester

New pattern item for Bear motif popular keychain from Sebastian Masuda's art project `TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE' is out now!

New pattern is ”Colorful Rebellion - DayDream -”They have balanced cuteness with mixing cool toned color (blue, green, purple etc) into lovely pastel pink color, which is loved by so many people, no matter nationality, age, or gender.

They have a keychain and hook, so put them wherever you want - bag, belt, or necklace etc.

They are in box with same pattern, so perfect for gift as well!

If you have our 1st Colorful Rebellion patterned bear, why don't you get this one too to add to your collection?