Swinkey Key Charm By KAWAII COMPANY


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A monster that will be always with you in your bag.

"Swinky" is a monster friend with long round legs and a bit lost gaze. If you hang it in your bag, its sparkling legs will swing every time you walk, giving you a fun feeling for sure. Each one comes with different fur and color, so if you collect a lot of them, they'll be super kawaii! A tag with a logo gives it emphasis.

Material / Polyester, synthetic leather, etc.
Size: 13-15 cm (length), 8-11 cm (width), 3 cm (diameter of key ring)
*Due to the manufacturing process of the product, there may be differences in expression.



バッグにぶら~ん いつも一緒の相棒モンスター。

■素材 / ポリエステル、合成皮革など
■サイズ / 縦約13~15cm、横約8~11cm、キーリングの直径約3cm