Colorful Rebellion Animal Tank Top



Available Now!

Material:100% polyester
Dimensions(cm / in.)
Length 75.5 / 29.7 
Width 55.5/ 21.8
Sleeve Length 35/ 13.7

An animal print style tank top of our Colorful Rebellion design that incorporates different materials and items from around the world is here! This black leopard print is perfect for everyone especially those new to wearing animal prints. This zebra design is a bold, colorful design inspired by cybernetics and the fashion/sportswear of the '90s. The 6%DOKIDOKI logo wraps around the hemline. Available in medium (comfortable fit) and large (oversized fit).


Notice: The pattern will slightly differ in appearance due to the different cuts of the patterned fabric used, making each one extra special and one-of-a-kind!