Charmy Monster Poach Friend 2 By KAWAII COMPANY


Kawaii Company

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Charmy is always on your side.

The "Charmy" monster, with fluffy fur, exciting color, and round eyes, has added new friends! If you secretly put it in your bag as a comfort place, you may feel relief every time your eyes meet. Collect as many as you like and enjoy your time with Charmy.

Material / Polyester, synthetic leather, etc.
Size / Height: approx. 12-15 cm, width: approx. 12-14 cm (at maximum), width of bottom gutter: approx. 4.5 cm, length of chain: approx. 5 cm, diameter of carabiner: approx. 3 cm

*Due to the manufacturing process of the product, there may be differences in expression.



ふわふわの毛足、心ときめくカラーリング、つぶらなひとみが魅力の“チャーミー”モンスターに仲間が増えました! 心のよりどころとしてバッグの中にこっそり入れておけば、目が合うたびになんだかほっとするかもしれません。何匹も集めて、チャーミーとの時間を楽しんで。

■素材 / ポリエステル、合成皮革など
■サイズ / 縦約12~15cm、横約12~14cm(最大部)、底まち幅約4.5cm、チェーンの長さ約5cm、カラビナの直径約3cm