Logo Plate Necklace/Vivid



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Charm Size: 5 cm × 17 cm
Chain Length: 67-72 cm
Material: Plastic

Big plate necklace with pop styled 6%DOKIDOKI logo!

Vivid has a clear neon yellow color as the base, and logo with multi color like toys.
Don’t forget to check the asymmetry colored chain as well, which you can also adjust the length.

Either coordinating with simple tops and making the necklace stand out, or emphasize a colorful mood together with a colorful top like primal pop should be stunning too!



シンプルなトップスに合わせてネックレスを目立たせても良いし、Primal Pop柄みたいなカラフルなトップスにオンしてさらにカラフルな気分を強調するのもおススメです。