Colorful dishes acrylic keychain By KMC


Kawaii Monster Cafe

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KAWAII MONSTER CAFE's popular menu "Colorful Rainbow Pasta ~ Painter ~" and apopular dessert "Colorful Poison Parfait Extreme" both came key chains!
The KAWAII MONSTER CAFE logo is printed on the back.

[Size] Vertical: Approximately 5 cm Horizontal: Approximately 6 cm
[Material] Acrylic resin, alloy

[Size] Vertical: Approximately 9.5 cm Horizontal: Approximately 5 cm
[Material] Acrylic resin, alloy

裏にはKAWAII MONSTER CAFEのロゴがプリントされています。

【サイズ】縦:約5㎝ 横:約6㎝ 

【サイズ】縦:約9.5㎝ 横:約5㎝


An original merchandise series from KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU (KMC). KMC is a concept restaurant embodying Japanese KAWAII culture founded by Sebastian Masuda.