Five flavors of cute Somen noodles by KAWAII COMPANY


Kawaii Company

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How would you enjoy KAWAII somen noodles?
Miwa Somen made in the long-established store "Ikuri", which has a history of more than 170 years in Nara Prefecture, has evolved cutely. When boiled, the thin and beautiful somen noodles, which are hand-made one by one, shine like jewels, and you can feel the scent and taste of each. Enjoy the cross-section by stacking like a parfait, or try various arrangements! We will deliver it in a wooden box with a KAWAII COMPANY original "berry" pattern and a glittering gold foil stamped logo.

■ Set contents / Miwa Somen (purple potato, plum, kabosu-citrus, green perilla, plane blue) 50g x 1 bundle, box
■ Ingredients / Wheat flour (domestic production), salt, edible vegetable oil, purple potato powder, kabosu-citrus powder, plum meat, shiso powder/fragrance (derived from soybeans), cuttlefish coloring, safflower coloring, annatto coloring
■ Contents / 250g ( each 50g )
* Expiration date / 3 and a half years from the date of manufacture (We will deliver products with an expiration date of 6 months or more)
* There may be some creases at the time of delivery.
■Manufacturing and processing: Japan)

170年の技術が輝く 5つの味のカワイイ 三輪そうめん By KAWAII COMPANY進化形、KAWAIIそうめんの楽しみ方!
奈良県で創業170年以上の歴史を持つ老舗「池利」で作られる三輪そうめんが、カワイく進化。一本一本手のべされた細く美しいそうめんは、ゆでると宝石のように輝き、それぞれの香りと味がふわりと感じられます。パフェみたいに重ねて断面を楽しんだり、いろいろなアレンジにトライしてみて! KAWAII COMPANYオリジナル『berry』柄&キラリと光る金の箔(はく)押しロゴ入り木箱でお届けします。

■セット内容 / 三輪そうめん(紫いも、梅、かぼす、青しそ、あお)各50g×1束、箱
■原材料 / 小麦粉(国内生産)、食塩、食用植物油、紫芋粉末、カボス粉末、梅肉、しそ粉末/香料(大豆由来)、クチナシ色素、紅花色素、アナトー色素
■内容量 / 250g