Hankouteki Shikisai Logo Knapsack



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Dimensions: 43 x 39 cm | 16.9" x 15.4"
Materials: Polyester, nylon, PVC
Max Load: 1 kg

Spice up your outfit with a vibrant knapsack! Hankouteki Shikisai means 'Colorful Rebellion' in Japanese, and this knapsack features the Rebellious Colors logo printed in Japanese across the base in glossy black-over-silver.

At 16.9” tall and 15.4” wide, it is made of polyester, nylon, and PVC and comes furnished with pockets on the back and the inside. It can take up to 1 kg of weight, enough to house your most-needed essentials. Whether you choose Neon Violet or Neon Pink, this piece is sure to attract some eyes!

税込価格; 7480円
サイズ: 43 x 39 cm
素材: ポリエステル, ナイロン, PVC
耐容量: 1 kg