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Wasanbon is a Japanese traditional refined sugar sweet that usually comes with Maccha. The tradition spans 230 years.
When you placed the finished sweet on your tongue and breathed through your nose you could smell the mild aroma of wasanbon sugar.

This wasanbon is produced with the skill and tradition of artisans in the Sanuki region of Kagawa Prefecture. We combined this with the packaging of Charmy, Kawaii Company's mascot, to create three themed assortment boxes. The three designs are "Charm," "Fortune," and "Image," each with a different motif associated with the word.

Try these traditional Japanese sweets that you have not yet encountered!

Contents / 13 pieces (different patterns)
Ingredients / Wasanbon sugar (produced in Kagawa Prefecture), starch, coloring (red 3, red 102, red 106, blue 1, yellow 4)
Box size: approx. 11 x 11 cm, height approx. 2 cm

*We will deliver items with a best-before date of 6 months or more. 
*Cracks and chips may occur during delivery. 
*The color may fade or discolor if exposed to light for an extended period of time. 
*Due to the printing process, colors may blur or become blurred.

KAWAII COMPANY 230年の伝統と歩む 甘くてカワイイ讃岐和三盆

やさしい甘さに「ほっ」 カワイイ気持ちでハッピー


■内容量 / 13個入り(柄違い)
■原材料名 / 和三盆糖(香川県製造)、澱粉、着色料(赤3、赤102、赤106、青1、黄4)
■サイズ / 箱サイズ:約11×11cm、高さ約2cm