Holo-Postcard By KMC


Kawaii Monster Cafe

Disponible dès maintenant!

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE's secret room 'Pink Cat Room' andone of the areas of KAWAII MONSTER CAFE 'Mel-Tea Room' are now available as postcards.
The glittering KAWAII postcards are recommended not only as gifts for loved ones, but also as interior decorations in your room!

[Size] Length: 10 cm Width: 14.8 cm

VIPルームのシンボル・Pink Cat RoomとKMCの人気エリアのひとつ・メルティルームががポストカードに。

【サイズ】縦:10㎝ 横:14.8㎝


An original merchandise series from KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU (KMC). KMC is a concept restaurant embodying Japanese KAWAII culture founded by Sebastian Masuda.