Mini Pouch and Adhesive Bandage Set



Available Now!

This set comes with an adorable pouch and bandages, and the pattern on the pouch is from “Colorful Rebellion”. The pouch also comes with a handy keychain. This is an essential item for fans!

The pouch is the perfect size for holding any cards or your earphones, and comes with a key ring so you can attach to your bag or anywhere you’d like!

The design of the bandages are the cutest in the world 6%DOKIDOKI’s original design, and is a Must Have for those looking to add to their favorite colorful outfits! Of course, you can use it as an actual bandage as well. The bandages come in 5 different designs and includes one of each.

The pouch comes in two designs: “Colorful Rebellion Original”, and “Colorful Rebellion Pastel”.

Adhesive Bandage Expiration Date: July, 2027