Metal button magnet set/Colorful Rebellion -Seventh Nightmare-


Sebastian Masuda ART

Available Now!

To commemorate our exhibit taking place in Los Angeles this year, 2024, we have released magnets that contain images from Sebatian Masuda’s exhibit: “Colorful Rebellion ―Seventh Nightmare―“.

This set of 5 magnets showcase the various sections of the exhibit “Seventh Nightmare.” The 5 sections include “Desire (Pink),” “Desire(Purple),” “Delusion,” “FUTURE!,” and “Fate.”

We recommend this item for those who want to celebrate with us, or to give as a gift!

”Colorful Rebellion-Seventh Nightmare” is Sebatian Masuda’s interpretation of himself. He created a “self portrait” with the theme of the “Seven Deadly Sins”. This work, which fans and Sebatian himself have deemed as the work that best represents himself, was created in 2014. It was first displayed in New York, then made its way around the world.

Past Exhibit Locations
・New York ”Kianga Ellis Projects” (2014)
・Florida “Young At Art Museum” (2014)
・Milano, Italy “Tokyo Design Week” (2015)
・Amsterdam, Netherlands “Tropenmuseum” (2018)
・Belgium “MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)” (2019)
・Kitakagaya, Osaka “YES, KAWAII IS ART” (2021)
・Kanda Myojin Shrine, Tokyo “YES, KAWAII IS ART” (2021)