Colorful Jelly Monster Soap By Kawaii Company


Kawaii Company

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A cute scented monster has come to your sink!

A soap monster that turns into jelly sneaks into your bathroom! Each one has a different color and look, making your usual bathroom sink go instantly fun and cute. Each monster comes with a wonderful scent blended by a perfumer. A solid soap made from plant-based ingredients that has a jelly-like transparency and vivid glittery colors. Your hands and heart will become clean and shiny with a KAWAII sensation.

<Peach> Sweet and fresh peach fizz scent.
<Lemon> A refreshing lemon squash scent that wakes you up.
<Mint> Mojito scent with mint added to rum and lime.
<Punch> A fun punch scent with lots of dancing fruits.
<Muscat> Fresh grape & muscat juice scent.
<Orange> A cheerful orange pineapple boat scent bursting with tropical fruit juice.

*As this is a handmade product, the color and shape may slightly vary depending on the product.
*Please discontinue use if you have any reaction to your skin. Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
*In rare cases, particles of the soap base may be mixed with the ingredients of glycerin and may dissolve or adhere to the surface like water droplets,this does not affect the quality of the product.
*To prevent it from losing its shape, avoid high temperatures and humidity, store in a well-drained area after use.
*This is not a food item. Please keep away from children.



ゼリーに変身したせっけんモンスターが洗面所に忍び込む!一匹一匹微妙に表情の違う見た目とカラーで、いつもの洗面台が一気にカワイくにぎやかに。それぞれのモンスターには調香師さんがブレンドした素敵な香り付きです。ゼリーみたいな透明感とキラキラ入りのカラフルカラーで、植物性由来原料の固形せっけん。 手も心も、KAWAII気持ちでピカピカになりそう。