Soft and Sweet Canned Bread Pack of 2 By KAWAII COMPANY


Kawaii Company

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Full of KAWAII Deliciousness!
"KAWAII Exploration" is the series that introduces the wonderful things that the KAWAII COMPANY discovered all over Japan. Please enjoy these discoveries from now on!
Akimoto canned bread, which was born in the wake of the Han‐Shin Awaji Earthquake disaster, is now reborn in a KAWAII design. The bread is handmade, bake one by one and tastes freshly baked even after after you open the can. There are three sweet and melty flavors.

Assortment; 2 Bread Cans (Same flavor)
Net Content; 100g (1 Can)
Flavors; Bitter caramel, Vanilla milk, Honey lemon
*Expiration date / 390 days from the date of manufacture