PULLIP special limited edition doll -DOKI DOKI-



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Pullip 'DOKI DOKI'

We may speak different languages and live in different places,
but we have all been united by our common language of “color”.
We have the power of color.
Yes, let's dress up NOW!

Special offer
【1】All orders at the 6%DOKIDOKI web shop will include a limited edition Thank You Card! (An original card of doll-inspired design, which is not for sale!!)

【2】All orders at the 6%DOKIDOKI web shop will include three pastel flake hair clips which can be used by both of the doll and you!

■As soon as the planned number is reached, we will close the order.
■We don’t accept a cancellation request or change the order after your order is confirmed.

Hair accessories, Jacket, Mesh top, Tank top, Shorts, Skirt, Choker, Necklace, Socks, Boots, Bear mascot, Doll stand

doll height 31cm, Model no. P-270

with Emotional Bear.