Night Trip Fluffy Skirt



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Materials: chiffon, polyester
Size Chart (cm/in);
Elastic Waist 58-100 / 22.8-39.4
Length 45 / 17.7
All measurements are approximate.

This skirt has a slight fluffy volume to it, with mint and pink frills peeking out from below the hem. With every step, the skirt sways gently, creating a fun and cheerful mood.

No matter how far apart we are, all of us are connected beneath the same night sky.

Even when you feel all alone in the world, if you look up at the sky, you'll realize that you are always connected to the small universe of 6%DOKIDOKI. As long as you believe, not even magic is beyond your ability. Get on a magic broomstick and grip it tight, and Pegasus will guide you on a magical journey!

Note: This skirt is made from patterned fabric, and as a result the images on each individual skirt may appear in a different position. Please acknowledge this before ordering.