Neon Spectrum Patch 2-Way Shoulder Bag



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Material:100% cotton
Bag: 35 x 43.5 cm | 13.8in. x 17.1in.
Handle: 2.5 x 47 cm | 1in. x 18.5in.
Shoulder Strap: 4 x 106 cm | 1.6in. x 41.7in.

A 2-way shoulder bag made with canvas fabric of the original pattern Neon Spectrum that features neon colors and printed gem studs. It’s also decorated with original, pop art style badges for a very cute look. Adding a colorful pattern to an outfit is always a good mood booster. You can carry it not only on your shoulder, but as a tote bag too with the shorter handles. Inside is a convenient small pocket to hold your keys, smartphone, or other small necessities.

Notice: The pattern will slightly differ in appearance from those shown because of the unique cuts of fabric used for each one. Basically, they’re all one-of-a-kind!