MA-1 Jacket / Colorful Riot・Pastel



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Material: 100% Polyester, RIB 95% Cotton 5% Polyurethane
Dimensions(cm )
Length; 55cm
Width; 76cm
Shoulder Width; 55cm
Sleeve;Length; 63cm

New artwork “Colorful Riot” from Sebastian Masuda’s “Primal Pop” series - which have launched at Fashion Show “Colorful Riot in Osaka”

Pastel, which has a dreamy and lovely mood, contains glitter paint motifs as an icon of Primal Pop series, together with all the things we love!

Big sized, and short length MA-1 Jacket makes your coordinate perfectly kawaii with full of Colorful Riot patterns.
The length at the back is a little longer than front, which makes a unique and stylish silhouette.
And the width & sleeve are made to be big, so you may enjoy layered coordinates together with sweaters etc... too.
We also have a “Colorful Riot by 6%DOKIDOKI” logo on a ribbon tag on the left arm.

Notice: The pattern will slightly differ in appearance due to the different cuts of the patterned fabric used, making each one extra special and one-of-a-kind!