KMC × Hello Kitty collabo plush doll


Kawaii Monster Cafe

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Dimensions(approx.):33.5×22×10cm | 13.1×8.6×3.9 in.

Limited to 300 dolls!
Harajuku Kitty plush doll from Collaboration series celebrating Hello Kitty 45th and KMC 4th anniversary! KMC and Hello Kitty lovers definitely must need to get this this big special plush doll. Harajuku Girl styled Hello Kitty with big accessories, panier and macaron shoes looks so cute!

An original merchandise series from KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU (KMC). KMC is a concept restaurant embodying Japanese KAWAII culture founded by Sebastian Masuda.

Hello kitty and KMC's popular character 'Mr. Choppy' collaborated on Merch 2020 for their anniversary. Here is special opportunity to get limited items from KMC goods shop!