Kawaii Carbonated Senbei (Rice crackers) 5 Assortment By KAWAII COMPANY


Kawaii Company

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Set information:30 Carbonated Rice Crackers (5 flavors x6)
Raw materials: Wheat Flour, Starch, Sugar, Salt, Sesame, Arima Sansho, Plum, Shiso, Blueberry/Baking Soda, Charcoal Powder Pigment
※May crack during the delivery.
(Processed and Manufactured in Japan)

"KAWAII Exploration" is the series that introduces the wonderful things that the KAWAII COMPANY discovered all over Japan. Please enjoy these discoveries from now on!

"Carbonated Senbei" is a historical specialty that originated in the Meiji era in Arima, Japan. We had changed the rice crackers more colorful than the previous one for this project. An outstandingly cute finish that also shines with retro patterns. The crisp, light textures and various flavors are unique to “Hiranoya Honpo” and are simple yet profound.



Plain : Classic flavor, Sweet and salty
Black sesame bamboo charcoal : The scent of carefully roasted sesame is irresistible
Blueberry : Fruity and fresh flavor
Umeshiso : Plum and perilla, nostalgic sweet and sour flavor
Arima Sansho : ”Sansho” means Japanese pepper. A bit pungent flavor