Colorful Rebellion/Gravity T-Shirt


Sebastian Masuda ART

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Material:100% polyester
Length 63 / 24.8
Width 50 / 19.7
Sleeve Length 31.5 / 12.4

Length 70 / 27.6
Width 55 / 21.7
Sleeve Length 35 / 13.8

A new T-shirt is here featuring Sebastian Masuda's popular "Colorful Rebellion" artwork series!

The pink polyester tee features a series called i"Gravity".The concept of the series was trying to show a brand new color using plastic elements and toys of all the already existing colors.It was made for all the adults that once loved colorful things, to bring back their childhood memories.

On this T-shirt we printed Gravity artwork in a round panel in the center. On the back our brand's logo is sewed visibly on purpose.

Available in white, pink, with M and L size. Easy to wear with simple bottoms, you can wear it in almost any situations while enjoying the power of colorful art !

Customer Snap! Photo via @pixieeelocks