Follow Me Pochette By KAWAII COMPANY


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A monster transforms into a pochette! ?

It looks like an ordinary fur bag at first glance, but it's actually a monster!

When you're going for a short trip or wearing clothes without pockets, take the Follow Me pochette with you. It is shaped like a pocket and can hold your minimum necessary items. Let's go out light with a monster friend that makes you feel good every time you touch it.

Material / Polyester, synthetic leather, etc.
Size: 17 cm (length), 20 cm (width), 5 cm (width)
Target age: 6 years old and up
Due to the manufacturing process of the product, there may be differences in expression.


カワイイカンパニー フォロミーポシェット




素材 / ポリエステル、合成皮革など
サイズ / 縦約17cm、横約20cm、まち幅約5cm