Sneakers/Care bears By Irregular Choice


Irregular Choice

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brand: Irregular Choice
leather: no
materials: fabric/pu

These Irregular Choice X Care Bears sneakers look just like a dream !
The mix of all the different fabrics as well as the neon touches over the rainbow pastel colors make them exceptionally unique.
You can also notice the famous Care Bear red logo on the top of the shoe tongue.
Not to mention that cute 3D Care Bear looking at you from the clouds outer soles !

Pure nostalgia at your feet ~

【available sizes】
36, 37, 38, 39, 42


Care Bears x Irregular Choice

It's time to get your 'shine on'! Join us to skip through Care-a-Lot and celebrate your favourite huggable, furry friends. Each bear has their own individual personality, much like our shoes and accessories. There are plenty of rainbows, fluffy clouds, plushie stars and sparkling gems in this collection, so keep calm and smile!